Our church leadership consists of various committees, which are connected through the Church Council. These committees have been formed in order to better serve the church and its congregation.

Mount Olivet UMC has always maintained an open mission & ministry policy – if you feel the passion and want to use the time and talents given to you by our Creator, then take the reigns and steer that passion into something great that others will recognize as the work of the Lord. We are open and accepting of all.

Email us at or call us at 304-242-3162, if you want to get involved and start something new in order to help us spread the Glory of God to all or use your talents to help the growth of one of our existing groups.

Church Council – Fred Richter, Chairperson
The purpose of the Church Council is to plan a program of nurture, outreach, and witness; implement the plan; provide an administrative infrastructure; align the plan with the mission of the church; evaluate the effectiveness of the plan; and act as the administrative agency of the charge conference. The church council exists to create a strategic plan for our congregation. Therefore, its primary work is one of leadership rather than management.

Board of Trustees – David Ransom, Chairperson
The board of trustees is charged with the care and maintenance of all property.  The committee is entrusted to see to the proper upkeep of God’s house as a way to honor God and to facilitate the ministry of the local church. The primary purpose of the church building and facilities is to enable the vision and ministry for the congregation. Good stewardship, common sense, and prudence dictate that the church, parsonage, facilities, property, equipment, furnishings, and other physical property be well maintained. Our trustees strive to maintain a “well groomed” and attractive facility as a means to a more welcoming, safe, and hospitable environment. We honor God when we care for what has been entrusted to us.

Members include:  Class of 2017-Fred Dougherty, Class of 2018-Dave Ransom, Connie Wright, Fred Richter-Class of 2019-Logan Wojick, Brenda Gittings, & Mona Knollinger

Finance Committee – Joe Wright, Chairperson
The job of the committee on finance is to identify, perfect, and manage the finance system for the congregation. The finance system is the processes of raising, managing, and dispersing the finances so that the mission and vision of the congregation can be achieved.

A critical component of this ministry is recognition of the historic differences between Christian stewardship and funding ministry. Funding ministry, often called “fundraising,” consists of the varied tasks associated with gathering funds to enable ministry to take place. Underlying and supporting these tasks, however, is the conceptual discipline of stewardship. In our tradition, we understand ourselves as stewards who respond to our giftedness. It is this balance between the “what” (fundraising) and the “why” (stewardship) that is the genius of Wesleyan financial leadership.

Members include:  Class of 2017-Shirley Byard, Kyle Knox, Class of 2018-Patti Hoffman, Class 0f 2019-Joe Wright, & Gary Mengeu

Pastor-Parish Relations – Tim Reed, Chairperson
The “Pastor-Parish Relations Committee” (PPRC) is truly a Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) because the committee relates to all staff, both bishop-appointed and employed. The S/PPRC has some of the same functions as a personnel office or Human Resources department in other organizations.

Members include:  Class of 2017-Chris Gillis, Joyce Caldwell, Class of 2018-Tim Reed, Sara Quinlyn, Class of 2019-Jackie Yuncke, & Jerry Berisford

Nominations Committee-
The Nominations Committee is an essential part of the church. This committee gets together and prayerfully consider who should be on each of the other committees.

Members include:  Class of 2017-Rose St. Myers, Linda Reed, Class of 2018-Jean Dougherty, Connie Wright, Class of 2019-Karen White, & Janet Andrews

Grounds Committee – Sue Marks, Chairperson
The Grounds Committee is ministry of hospitality.  This committee consists of a group of devoted individuals whose main purpose is to maintain the church’s grounds in order to present an inviting and welcoming place of worship and gathering.

Members include:  Grant Marks, Mona & Bill Knollinger, Jerry Berisford, Fred Daugherty, Dave Ransom, Ronnie Clutter, Gary Dean 

A.C.T.S. Women Online – Heidi Schmidt & Chris Gillis, Facilitators

Bake Sales – Becky Luyster

Bereavement Dinner Ministry – Joyce Caldwell, Vicki Kane, Connie Wright

Blood Drives – Shirley Byard

Facebook – Shirley Byard, Jane Gracey

Gift Card Sales – Joe Wright, Linda Reed, Gary White

Lay Servant & Worship Leader – Susan Haught

The Lord’s Pantry – Director Sue Dougherty

Maintenance – Fred Dougherty, Dave Ransom

Mt. Olivet News e-Newsletter – Heidi Schmidt

Paver Bricks Fund Raiser – Tim Reed

Portable Sign – Jerry Berisford

Posters, corner of parking lot – Janet Andrews, Joe Wright

Prayer Team Coordinator – Heidi Schmidt

Steak Dinners – Joe Wright & Connie Wright

United Methodist Women & Spring Fling Rhea Berisford

Upper Room Women's Bible Study – Heidi Schmidt, Facilitator

Vacation Bible School – Janet Andrews &  Sara Quinlin

Web Page – Kara Messner, Shirley Byard, Heidi Schmidt