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Our Church History

Our mission is to provide sanctuary on our hilltop in Jesus’ name.

Mount Olivet United Methodist Church (UMC)  is a unique place where you can come to worship and stay for fellowship. We are a beacon on the hilltop for those needing to find direction, as well as to those who are on their path already and are looking for others to share and witness to.



Since 1855, Mount Olivet UMC has been offering a place to gather for those looking for guidance and those wanting to praise the Lord’s name on the hilltop. The first structure was built in the midst or Mount Olivet cemetary. Sixty years after an improvement in 1899, a new church was erected in what is now the current location, on Route 88.



Once you walk through our front doors, you can’t help but notice God’s presence in our sanctuary. With newly installed facilities on the first floor, and plenty of space for meeting, studying the scriptures or just getting together to praise the Lord and fellowship with each, our church welcomes all – from the curious to the seasoned Christian – we have something for everyone, more than anything, the promise to enrich your relationship with God.

On April 16, 2006, the first worship service was held in the new and improved Mount Olivet UMC after a new and needed addition was added to the original structure.

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