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Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church has several committees collaborating to support the church's ministry. Per the Book of Discipline, the basic organizational plan for our church includes:

Other committees/ positions include: Lay Leader , Lay Member of Annual Conference, Membership Secretary, Lord's Pantry, Outreach, Nuture, Wellness, United Women in Faith, & Prayer.

You can click on each position to learn more about its responsibilities and requirements. If you are a member of Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church and are interested in joining one of the committees, please speak to Pastor Blosser. The Nominations Committee meets in the fall to appoint members to committees. Each committee has a three year term.

Current Commitee Members


United Women in Faith President-Rhea Berisford

Youth Coordinator--Susan Haught


Finance Chairperson-Joe Wright

Financial Secretary--Mona Knollinger


Treasurer-Shirley Byard

Wellness Coordinator-Brenda Gittings

Prayer Coordinator-Heid Schmidt


District Conference Delegates-Janet Andrews; Jim Hall

Lord’s Pantry Chair-Sue Doughtery


Worship Chair-Pastor Shannon Blosser

Director of Nurture-Heidi Schmidt​


Lay Leader-Susan Haught


Director of Outreach-Susan Haught

Annual Conference Delegate-Heidi Schmidt

PPR Chairperson-Tim Reed

Trustees Chairperson-Dave Ransom


​​Board of Trustees – David Ransom, Chairperson

Members include:  Class of 2022 - Mona Knollinger, Connie Wright, Brenda Gittings; Class of 2023 - Jim Dougherty, Jim Hall, Susan Haught; Class of 2024 - Dave Ransom, Tim Reed, Neil Miller.

Finance Committee – Joe Wright, Chairperson

Members include:  Joe Wright, Chair; Shirley Byard, Treasurer; Mona Knollinger, Financial Secretary; John Burke, Fred Richter, Pattif Hoffman, Jim Dougherty, Susan Haught

Pastor-Parish Relations – Tim Reed, Chairperson

Members include:  Class of 2022 - Chris Richter, Jackie Yuncke; Barbara Minton (McMechen UMC); Class of 2023 - Sandy Miller, Joyce Caldwell, Becky Smith (McMechen UMC); Class of 2024 - Tim Reed, Donna Ransom, Annie Gracik (McMechen UMC).

Nominations Committee – Shannon Blosser, Pastor; Susan Haught, Lay Leader; Heidi Schmidt, Annual Conference Delegate

Members include:  Class of 2022 - Jim Roth, Karen White, Janet Andrews; Class of 2023 - Linda Reed, Kim Prisner, Kara Messner; Class of 2024 - Jean Dougherty, Vicki Kane, Fred Richter.

Church Council – Gary White, Chairperson


A.C.T.S. Women Online – Heidi Schmidt & Chris Gillis, Facilitators

Annual Conference Delegate – Heidi Schmidt; Bob Goddard (McMechen UMC), Alternate

Bereavement Dinner Ministry – Joyce Caldwell, Connie Wright, Carrie McGlynn

Blood Drives – Brenda Gittings, RN

District Conference Delegates - Janet Andrews, Jim Hall

Facebook – Shirley Byard, Jane Gracey

Gift Card Sales – Joe Wright, Linda Reed, Gary White

Maintenance – Fred Dougherty, Dave Ransom

Membership Secretary – Linda Reed

Mt. Olivet News e-Newsletter – Heidi Schmidt

Nurture Chairperson – Heidi Schmidt

Outreach Chairperson – Susan Haught

Parish Nurse/Health & Welfare Coordinator – Brenda Gittings, RN

Prayer Team Coordinator – Heidi Schmidt

United Methodist Women Chairperson Rhea Berisford

Upper Room Women's Bible Study – Heidi Schmidt, Facilitator

Vacation Bible School – Janet Andrews 

Website  – Kara Messner

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