Every year during our Charge Conference, our leadership is voted in based on recommendations from our Lay Leadership Committee. Below is a list of our current Church Council Members. This leadership is committed to doing everything possible to ensuring that Mount Olivet UMC is a great place to worship, fellowship, and thank God for all that we are and have. If you have any questions about Council meetings, any of these members can provide you with the information that you need.

Chairperson-Joe Wright 

Lord’s Pantry Chair-Mona Knollinger


Director of Christian Education-Janet Andrews

Children’s Coordinator-Linda Criswell


Annual Conference Delegate-Janet Andrews


Finance Chairperson-Joe Wright


Lay Leader-Zack Allman, Dave Ransom

PPR Chairperson-Tim Reed


Recording Secretary-Janet McKain


Treasurer-Mona Knollinger

Trustees Chairperson-Dave Ransom

United Methodist Women President-Rhea Berisford


United Methodist Youth Fellowship President-Keith Forkey


Youth Coordinator-Keith Forkey


Outreach Chair-Vicki Kane


Financial Secretary-Shirley Byard


Cooperative Parish Rep.-Walter Amos


Wellness Coordinator-Brenda Gittings

Prayer Coordinator-Vicki Kane


District Conference Delegates-Connie Wright


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