At Mount Olivet United Methodist Church, we have a service that fits everyone’s busy lifestyle. We also recognize and celebrate the diversity in ways people worship and praise God.  At Mt. Olivet UMC, you may choose from three different worship venues ranging from semi-contemporary, traditional to contemporary. Come as you are – jeans, khakis, suits, tennis shoes – we welcome all.


Worship Service with Children’s Church – 10:00am
Our Sunday Service is a mixture of contemporary and traditional.  You will hear contemporary praise music as well as some of the traditional hymns.  All are welcome, including the Children. At this service, we offer nursery care for the young ones and worship-based children’s church for ages 6-12.


Worship Service – 7:00pm
We know weekends are not as relaxing as they once were. That’s why we decided to offer a service on Monday night. With sports and work extending into the weekend, we realized the need to extend our worship opportunities. Monday night is a place to come, relax and give thanks to God for all that he has given us.


Mount Olivet UMC is blessed with many talented musicians as well as a supportive and enthusiastic congregation.  Our music ranges from contemporary to traditional and everything in between in hopes of appealing to everyone’s preferences.  Join us on Sunday morning or Monday evening to experience these musical wonders.

Sam Lucarelli:  Guitar 
Sam has played guitar for many years and has graced our hilltop with his talent.  His ability to play most any song and to be able to energize the congregation and lift the spirits of everyone in the our sanctuary is a true talent.


Stephanie Skadra:  Song Leader

Lisa Stapel:  Keyboard

Attending Monday night service is such a unique experience.  The music provided here fills your soul with exuberance.  Lisa Stapel is an excellent instrumentalist.  The church comes alive with the Holy Spirit.  Adding to that is the sweet and melodic voice of Stephanie Skadra as she leads us through the contemporary music. 

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